Where will your next meeting take you?

Creative Events Inc.'s well-trained and knowledgeable staff has continually maintained and exceeded the standards that our clients have established in their own companies by providing world class service paired with a commitment to professional excellence for our clients.

Creative Events Inc. works with all its clients in the many different facets of event coordination and planning. Our expertise allows us to:

  • Find and Select the proper location for our clients meetings or events: With over 15 years in the resort business and now 20 years of running Creative Events Inc.; handling as many events and meetings as we have, our knowledge of resorts and hotels allows us to match up destinations that meet the needs of our clients for the meeting at hand.

  • Working through the contract phase of the site selection process: Creative Events Inc. philosophy when working out hotel contracts is that of a win-win situation. We don't try and be unreasonable and do understand the position of the hotel or resort. On the other hand we try to work out a contract that will not place our clients in a difficult position to perform or fulfill our contractual obligations. For these reasons we are very careful in selecting our destination and properties. 

  • Travel for our clients: For many of our corporate clients and celebrities attending our events we handle all of their travel (planning/plans?) We use an outside supplier that we have been partnering with for years for all of our travel needs. Our Travel Company specializes in corporate and group travel and has demonstrated the same level of service that all of our clients are accustomed too.

  • Coordinate and purchase any and all specialty items for events including welcoming gifts, pre-meeting tickler items and awards: Creative Events Inc. has developed a reputation as an event company that provides excellent and thought out gifts for its attendees. Our in-house resources and long standing  relationship with our suppliers allows us to get flexibility and variety when selecting gifts and awards for each event.

  • Secure a Guest Speaker: Over the years many of our Corporate groups have called upon Creative Events Inc. to secure motivational speakers for their meetings.

  • Work with Hotels and Resorts in the coordination and set up all meeting audio and visual needs: An important part of our services is in providing audio and visual resources for our clients. It is often said, "it is all in the presentation", audio and visual needs are expensive and we want to ensure that our clients understand what they are getting and what they are paying for. In today's Meeting Planning environment audio/visual displays have taken a life of their own and it is very important to us that we are able provide any needs our clients may have for audio or visual purposes. Our staff works intimately with the hotel staff to ensure that all of our clients needs are met. 

  • Coordinate and execute all recreational activities including spousal activities, off site dining, golf, and team building activities: Our team of Event Managers (Coordinators?) is well trained and experienced in coordinating recreational activities for our clients or their spouses during their time spent at one of our meetings. We are comfortable in organizing and running golf tournaments, Texas Hold'em poker tournaments, team building exorcises, or any and everything else our clients may want including but not limited to dinner reservations off site, identifying local tourist attractions, or a day at the spa at the hotel. We have also set up corporate tents at premier sports events such as the Ryder Cup and the U.S. Open. 

  • Public Relations: Creative Events Inc. is set up to support any event or meeting with public relations support and execution. Our Event Managers (Coordinators?) have experience in public relations and we also work with a outside public relations firm. 

  • Sponsorship Solicitation: Creative Events Inc. does not handle sponsorship or solicitation. We are very happy to assist in this process but with the size of our staff and the number of events we do we do not present ourselves to our clients as one that will go out and sell sponsorship for their events.
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