About Creative Events

Creative Events Inc.'s well-trained and knowledgeable staff has continually maintained and exceeded the standards that our clients have established in their own companies by providing services such as:
  • Signing the contract(s)
  • Creating, send, and receive invitations
  • Create and coordinate mailings
  • Put together rooming list
  • Tee times
  • Administrate a tournament in its complete entirety
  • Arrange and coordinate food and beverage services
  • Purchase welcome gifts and awards 
  • Photography at events 
  • Find and select the proper location for our clients meetings or events
  • Working through the contract phase of the site selection process
  • Travel arrangements for  clients
  • Coordinate and purchase any and all specialty items for events including welcoming gifts, pre-meeting tickler items and awards
  • Secure a Guest Speaker
  • Work with Hotels and Resorts in providing audio and visual needs
  • Organize recreational activities including spousal activities, off site dining, golf, and team building activities
  • Public Relations
  • Oversee silent and/or live auctions

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